Towards Net Zero and Beyond – Infranode launches 2023 sustainability report

Towards Net Zero and Beyond – Infranode launches 2023 sustainability report

We are proud to announce our 2023 Sustainability report: Towards Net Zero and Beyond. The transition to a carbon-neutral economy is imperative, and in the report, we outline how our assets have an important role to play in the ongoing transition. This year, we committed to working towards Net Zero by 2040.

Committing to Net Zero 2040

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Infranode’s founding, and ever since the start we have favoured the long-term perspective. For us, this means investing in infrastructure that contributes to the ongoing climate transition, now, and in the future. Infrastructure is the bedrock of society and needs to stand the test of time, while it at the same time plays a key role in enabling societies to transition.

Our sustainability report for 2023 outline how we have made a powerful commitment to work towards Net Zero emissions by 2040. We will do this together with the management of our portfolio companies, co-owners and partners, with the objective of transforming our current and future assets. Driven by our long-term perspective, were we take responsibility from start to finish, our focus towards 2040 will be concentration on true emission reduction measures rooted in feasible business solutions.

Senior Sustainability Manager, Julia Holm Kosulko

Insights from the report

To introduce Net Zero 2040, our Senior Sustainability Manager, Julia Holm Kosulko, shares key insights from our sustainability work and the Net Zero 2040 commitment.

Why have you made a Net Zero 2040 commitment?

Our Net Zero 2040 commitment aims to future-proof our portfolio and support the transition in the Nordics. We believe that working towards Net Zero is key to securing long-term returns on our portfolio as society decarbonises. We also believe in the importance of owners taking responsibility for their assets given that decarbonisation is arguably the key challenge of our time. Infrastructure should be an enabler of decarbonisation. We are very proud to be part of the journey of the Nordics in this regard.

Has the Net Zero commitment changed your ways of working?

At Infranode we have been working with sustainability and responsible investments for a long time. When the time came to initiate our own Net Zero commitment, we found that due to our ways of working and how we manage our portfolio we were well prepared to embark on the Net Zero journey.

As a long-term investor, how will the commitment impact your investments?

For us the necessity and urgency of decarbonisation is evident, not just from an environmental perspective, but also from a business perspective. Our Net Zero 2040 commitment is fully in line with our investment promise of enhancing asset values over the long term. As for our current portfolio, we are shifting to a performance-oriented sustainability approach focused on decarbonisation. The focus on decarbonisation in line with Net Zero 2040 is a new leap on our (to date) ten-year long sustainability journey.